Tomm Carr
2 min readMar 11, 2022


People need to get over their hate-fest for fossil fuels. They are here to stay. "Green" energy sources just are not capable of generating the sheer amount of power required by our society.

This is a perfect example of "the good being sacrificed on the alter of the perfect."

Over the past 6-7 years, the CO2 level generated in the US actually decreased. While not even signing on to the Paris Accords, we reduced our carbon footprint more than any of the actual members.

How we managed that feat was due to a variety of reasons, but the main cause was the shift of some coal burning power plants to natural gas.

If anyone is truly interested in reducing the world's carbon footprint, they should be advocating for moving more and more coal burning power plants to natural gas.

No. They are not interested in less pollution. They are only interested in no pollution at all. This is an impossibility, but these people see "ideal" as a destination rather than a direction.

So "significant efficiency improvement" for ICE vehicles is not acceptable. A complete and utter ban on all ICE vehicles is the only acceptable solution.

These people would rather see civilization brought to its knees rather than accept any solution that is not absolutely perfect.

When your only real goal is virtue signalling, compromise is not an option.

If anyone thinks I'm being hyperbolic, read some of the earlier comments to this story. How many people expressed disdain for the Omega 1 engines for no other reason than they see it as making it possible to extend the life of ICE power generation? The fact (assuming the claims are accurate) that it would substantially increase the efficiency and actually reduce our consumption of fossil fuels is not worthy of consideration.



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