An interesting article, but not very helpful. While you give a list of the most reliable (according to your criteria) news sources, the "unreliable" ones are, to the best of my knowledge, all opinion sites. I would expect Jacobin to lean far to the left and Dan Bongino to lean far to the right. Their reliability lies not in relaying an objective picture of the events of the day, but in their respective camps' reaction to those events.

So a far left or far right bent is exactly what I would expect, exactly where they should be.

But what I find lacking in your article, which would be of intense interest, in fact, is where organizations like CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post and myriad other sources of news lies upon your spectrum. These, and many others, are promoted as sources of news, not opinion.

No one goes to the Palmer Report for news. We go go CNN, et al. The reliability and bias measures of these organizations would have been of great interest. We still don't know which "news" organizations are the least trustworthy.

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