One might call it "Derrida'a Paradox." If the statement: "all language refers to nothing but itself in a circle that explains nothing about nothing" is true, then the statement itself is meaningless. And meaningless statements, being meaningless, can neither be true nor false.

Either way, it tells us absolutely nothing about language.

I'm old enough to remember EST. I (and most other people with any modicum of common sense) realized at the time that it was nothing more than a joke (not to mention a con).

The punch line was all those other people who paid good money to be…

Your entire outlook of the world around you is distorted by your antipathy to everyone in it who manages to accomplish anything.

Neither Uber nor Lyft have managed to post a profit. So far, the only people who have benefited from their operation have been their drivers and their millions of passengers. Yet, they are the Bad Guys in your world.

Uber and Lyft do not own the cars that provide rides. Not now, and not when cars become self-driving. In the near future, when I "work" for, say, Uber, I will know I have a passenger when my garage…

Keeping Trump from getting reelected was worth it.

Somehow, the fact that Hydroxychloroquine is a good treatment for Covid has leaked out, after having been successfully walled away from the public stage for almost a year.

I suppose it really doesn’t matter at this stage of the game. The reason this information had to be hidden away was to prevent Trump from getting any positive PR during the pandemic. The end goal was always to prevent Trump from getting reelected — and it worked.

There is no longer any good reason to stifle the news. Although several vaccines are now out, there are still active Covid cases being…

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Nations may be saved.

Over the years, I’ve participated, in one role or another, in many software releases and updates. These were inevitably followed up by what we now call a “post mortem.”

Regardless of any gruesome imagery the term may invoke, all “post mortem” really means is that after a long and complicated process, everyone involved meets to go over each step of that process. Each team goes over their actions, each group goes over their actions, each department goes over their actions.

It’s not just that something always goes wrong. That’s a given. Each problem is carefully discussed and analyzed.

Was the…

from TSTWWTOIELAWWISA: The Society of Those Who Wish to Take the Opportunity to Improve the English Language Whenever and Wherever It Should Arise.

Obviously, my plea to finally ban the utterly useless Oxford comma has gone unread by far too many people. The Oxford comma is not a literary device. It is a crutch… and lazy people have been using it to patch up their questionable sentence structures for far too long. It is high time we cast off our crutches and spend a little more effort writing better sentences.

Almost as an aside, consider the following sentence:
“We invited the strippers, JFK and Stalin.”

This should not really be a problem as this is quite clearly a list of three items. If…

Few things inflames peoples passion more than a discussion of abortion. However, laying aside the subject matter for a moment, if an argument begins by claiming there is "nothing scientific" about the opposing view, one would expect the argument to itself lean heavily into the scientific realm.

However, this article is riddled with far too many logical fallicies to be very effective. It is a classic appeal to emotions, and judging by prior comments a very effect appeal, there is little here that is even remotely scientific in nature.

"There is nothing scientific about saying 'life begins at conception.'"


Six myths that Capitalists believe? No, these are six straw men that anti-Capitalists believe.

Business Owners are Smarter than Others

I'm sure you can find some business owners who think they are the smartest people in the room. Look around you. I have found there are people in every walk of life who think they are smarter than everybody around them.

This is purely a psychological quirk and has nothing to do with business or economics.

You mention psychopathy and, by default, a psychopath thinks he's the smartest person in the room because he thinks he's the only person in the room.

Not all (or even…

There is an old claim that everyone believes in Heaven but no one wants to go there. There is an article making a similar claim that while 89% of Americans believe in climate change only 15% take action. There are two critical weaknesses with this claim. First, of course 89% of Americans believe in climate change. It has, unfortunately, become a cliche that the climate is always changing. So this is like saying that 89% of Americans believe in seasons (although Southern Californians may argue there are only two — spring and fall).

So the fact that the climate changes…

They appear to think that because I'm a progressive, I must be misinformed.

Well, yeah, I think you are misinformed. Not because you are progressive. That evaluation proceeds from the things you go on to say.

I have no time for outmoded traditions.

Nor do I. The difference between us being that I don't think something is outmoded just because it's a tradition.

I am a hardcore atheist.

As am I. The difference between us being that I don't oppose a religiously inspired "ethic" just because it is religiously inspired. I don't suppose you oppose murder. Why not? …

The clincher is how proud he is to be German,. We all know that all Germans are Nazis.

Every other example is just him playing to stereotypes. Playing to stereotypes is not the wisest thing a politician can do, but it is far from the worst. If that's what it takes to make him a Nazi, then that means you are a Nazi too.

You say to listen to what people say about themselves. Yet you play this language game that is really disengenuous.

Someone may say about themselves, "I am for X." or "I am against Y." Then you…

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A retired software engineer who hates retirement with a passion. My hobbies are economics, philosophy and futurism.

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